ellesse nyree

I consider myself a multi-hyphenate. Because of this, it’s kind of difficult to create an “about me” without changing it every so often. I’ll just give an overview of my interests and experiences.

Let’s start with food and art. I’m definitely hedonistic and a true Venusian Taurean. I was an overweight child which prompted my interest in different diets and eventually plantbased eating. I also grew up drawing, making collages, designing and crafting clothes. Which later developed into painting, receiving a BA in Studio Art and Art History from Spelman College, studying and living the renaissance life in Europe, and then receiving a MA from SCAD in Business Design and Arts Leadership.

Besides earthly pleasures, I’m drawn to mysticism, the unknown and our spiritual connection as physical beings.

This interest began when I was young as well. I always felt like there was something more to life beyond the status quo and Christian faith. This lead to much studying, researching, exploration and traveling to places like Peru.

I now use my interests to serve others. I enrolled at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and became a holistic health coach to help women reconnect to their bodies and put themselves first. While enrolled, I realized that a lot of people want to be healthier but do not know how to make healthy food taste good. I made it my mission to correct this and became a plant based chef. A couple weeks later I met a magical woman and became certified as an Usui Reiki II practitioner to not only serve physically but energetically to address women’s mental, emotional and spiritual needs.